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scene view alphabetizer for trueSpace7.61

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Script for alphabetizing the scene or a selected node in the Scene View. The script works by deleting and undoing the delete for each node in order.


  • Save your scene
  • Left click to alphabetize the scene
  • Right click to alphabetize inside a selected node.
  • The script will ask if you're sure and then ask if you want the LE node view alphabetized as well.
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  • for safety save your scene first
  • the LE view must be open to rearrange the nodes

July 3 2015

  • unique button id, button index -1, auto installer
  • replaced manual bubble sort with array sort

August 9 2010  trueBlue suggestion add option to alphabetize the LE view.

August 08 2010
June 5, 2013