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(Invisible) Rectangle Select widget for trueSpace7.61

widget rectangle select icon

rectangle style object selection via ray tracing.

A version of this script comes pre-installed in the Unofficial trueSpace Updates -

persistent base install required

Clintons3dPlugin.rsx v.1638419 required


  1. install the persistent base if not already installed
  2. drag the node into the link editor
  3. delete the node from the scene after install is complete

The script works by calling the rectangle select widget, which in turn calls a plugin function that ray traces the viewport and returns a list of objects found.

object select options panel


  • Left click the button to run with current options
  • Right click to open the options panel.
  • drag in the viewport to make a selection - the rectangle will be invisible
  • Respect Locking - if an object has been marked as unselectable it will not be selected.
  • Divisions - the number of vertical and horizontal ray traces used to find objects.

TODO Fix Bug: - value returned by plugin has trailing semicolon. Need to fix plugin and/or add the following line to the data node
if(sel.length > 0) sel = sel.substring(0, sel.length - 1);


  • The rectangle widget is invisible. :(
  • small items can be missed - increase the Divisions
  • high division values may run slowly

September 22, 2020

  • small bug - button id was not updated to a unique value
  • changed color of widget
September 21, 2020
September 21, 2020