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Radial Array 2 for trueSpace7.61

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Distribute copies of an object on a circular arc or spiral. Similar to the original radial array script.

persistent base install required

Comes pre-installed in the Unofficial trueSpace Updates -


  1. install the persistent base if not already installed
  2. drag the node into the link editor
  3. delete the node from the scene after install is complete
radial array icon


  • Select a scene object and press the button to create the array
  • Keep Original Orientation - copies will have the same rotation values of the original mesh
  • Axis buttons( X, Y, Z ) set the initial orientation of the array.
  • Num Copies determines the number of array elements
  • Angle determines the arc angle for the copies.
  • Set radius is a 3 step process
    • Get - read the current radius value as a starting point
    • update the Radius value
    • Set - apply the radius change to the Center Control
  • Top Radius is used to spiral the arc in or out from the center.
  • Height controls the offset from the plane of the array for spiral effects
  • Replace Array Element - copy the selected item in to the array
  • Select Array Element - select the array element for transformation
  • Open in Link Editor - open a link editor window for interactive update when rotating the array element and for unsticking controls if needed.
  • Select Center Control button will select the handle that controls the center and orientation of the array
  • select all but one - selects all but one array elements after the Disband Array is run
  • Disband Array - convert the array to a plain group item

video shows usage for radial array version 1 script

Convert to a single mesh object

  1. select all but one enabled
  2. press the Disband Array button
  3. the array will be converted to a simple group object and all the array elements will be selected except for one
  4. activate the boolean Merge geometry tool - Flatten result and do not Keep drill object
  5. select the final array element then exit the tool
  6. 3D Unencapsulate - part of the unofficial truespace update


  • After conversion to a group object you can right click the nodes title bar to enter panel edit and immediately right click again and choose Reset.
  • center control translation can be unpredictable. move toward or away from original to control radius then rotate the control if needed.
  • Top Radius values less than 0 is "off"
  • select al but one option for
  • radialarray.html - alternate/original radial array script

September 27, 2019

  • radial array 2 based on radial array script - not a complete replacement
  • no jumping array elements - smooth updates
  • no special combination of meshes for 360 degrees and 0 height
  • can set radius independent of the center control
  • element rotation on element centers via Select Array Element
  • select all but one option to prep for boolean "manual polycombine"
  • Oct 8 cleanup last connector - trueBlue
September 28, 2019
June 5, 2013