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Radial Array for trueSpace7.61

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Distribute copies of an object on a circular arc or spiral.

persistent base install required

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  • Select a scene object and press the button to create the array
  • Axis radio buttons( X, Y, Z ) determine the orientation of the array.
  • Num Copies determines the number of array elements
  • Angle determines the arc angle for the copies.
  • Radius is a read only field. It's value is controlled by the center handle
  • Top Radius is used to spiral the arc inwards toward the center.
  • Height controls the offset from the plane of the array for spiral effects
  • Keep Original Orientation - copies will take their rotations from the original mesh
  • Select Center Control button will select the handle that controls the center of the array
  • Replace Mesh(Object) button will replace the base object of the array with a selected object. Not just for meshes despite it's name.
  • Select Control Mesh button is used to select the invisible cone that defines the copy locations for the array elements. The rotation handles of the widget can be used to change the orientation of the array without altering the orientations of the members.
  • Disband Array button will convert the array to an ordinary group object.


  • After conversion to a group object you can right click the nodes title bar to enter panel edit and immediately right click again and choose Reset.
  • Many of the controls are "sticky" and may need more than 1 click to activate properly. Once working the stickyness does not return
  • While using the Center Control the array elements will jump around. This is caused by the script code trying to keep up with the motion. It's not pretty but it's nothing to worry about.
  • For precise positioning of the center control use the info panel to type in the location.

February 24, 2018

  • persistent install v2 compatible
  • compatible with new batch installer

January 13, 2018

  • persistent install
  • check for empty selection

July 5 2015

  • radius value only set from the center control handle
  • select the center control after running the setup script for the array
  • name array based on the original scene item
  • copy instead of moving the scene item into the array
  • removed the clean aspect
  • added radius top for inward spiral effects
  • added maintain orientation option
  • added replace base object with selected item

November 30, 2012: automatic loader, unique button id, button index -1

version 1.1 - added height option for spiral arrays and fixed a bug with copy orientations when the angle of the array is set to less than 360 degrees.

version 1.1.1 - allow negative height values

December 29, 2010
June 5, 2013