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physics helper for trueSpace7.61

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Script to allow precision placement of physics center of gravity(COG) and constraint fixation points.

An improved version of this script is included in the Unofficial updates

physics constraint helpers


  • Select the physics object that already has physics applied and push the create fixation helpers button.
  • The sphere helpers are for the fixation points and the cube is for the COG location.
  • Position the helpers at the desired fixation point locations and push the apply fixation helpers button to transfer the position information and delete the helpers.
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  • wireframe display may make it easier to see the helpers
  • not for use with cloth fixation points
  • The manual says that the COG defaults to the pivot point, but it really defaults to the geometric center of the mesh.

November 21, 2020

  • bug fix: add missing COGPhysObject(a cube mesh)

July 4 2015

  • new icon
  • unique id, button -1, autoinstaller
August 24 2010
June 5, 2013