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custom button for trueSpace7.61

This script will create a button and toolbar. The button can refer to a script node or directly to script embedded in the button itself.

custom button panel


  • toolbar name - name of the toolbar node that will contain the button.
  • button name - name of the button node
  • help text - help text to be assigned to the button.
  • left-click node - select a command node and click to assign it to the button
  • right-click node - select a command node and click to assign to the button
  • script text is defined for the button directly if no command node is assigned to it
  • install button and toolbar - create the button and toolbar if needed
  • reset text - set default values for the button
  • Bitmap - image to use for the button
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  • update for the original the original tS7.5 script
  • button icon is an image size 26 x 26 with a transparent(alpha values) and a gray background color(118, 118, 118)
  • script nodes will be copied to "/Scrips/CustomScripts/"
  • toolbar is created in "/Project/Windows Manager Space/"

Dev Notes:

  • panel Edit Controls "Update on Change" important setting, should be default
  • BUG: Node.Exists will return true for an empty string

Note from old page

To use the TAB key as a shortcut takes some extra careful steps. It is very important to backup the file before making any changes.

  • assign a shortcut of T,A,B to the icon
  • exit trueSpace
  • backup the shortcuts file "C:\trueSpace75\tS\Scripts\Windows.Shortcuts.xml" by making a copy
  • edit the original file and look for the text "T||A||B"
  • change this to just "TAB"
  • save the file and go back to trueSpace with a working tab shortcut
September 22, 2015
September 22, 2015