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Post Process modification for trueSpace7.61

Replacement for the post process bloom filter that includes simple blur, alpha and glow display modes.

post process sample
top left - default post process
top right - blur
bottom left - alpha
bottom right - glow
anaglyph node

Included in the Unofficial Updates ? install script, Update RsD3DBloomFilter. found in library "Postprocess"

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Set Postprocess Color Key.RsObj


  1. disable Bloom in Postprocess
  2. exit trueSpace
  3. copy or rename C:\trueSpace761Std\Scripts\D3D\RsD3DBloomFilter.fx so you have the option of going back to the original behavior
  4. unzip and copy the new RsD3DBloomFilter.fx in it's place
  5. restart truespace


  1. add node into link editor
  2. drag out of the panel view
  3. set the key color
  4. press start and the active 3d window post process will be set
  5. answer yes to the question to show the post process controls in the panel view

The options are controlled through the post process Scene Intensity value

  • Scene Intensity value below 100 will behave the same as before
  • Scene Intensity to 100 to get only the bloom, which is really a blur
  • Scene Intensity to 200 to get alpha values as gray color
  • Scene Intensity to 301 to get a color key based glow

The Set Postprocess Color Key script will set the value of the Glow Threshold to a float value representing the color of the key. This will first check the scene for a "PostProcessing" node and if not found will use the first one found in the whole application graph. The value can also be manually copied from the EncodedFloat output.

Any final color output within 10% of the color key value will glow

Any value 300 and up will activate glow, 301 is for glow plus Scene Intensity = 1

The alpha option needs a mesh background with an alpha material to work.

  • a large inside out sphere centered in the scene works well for the background mesh
  • assign a blank d3d material with a Constant Color shader
  • constant alpha = 0
  • alpha test set to opaque
  • alpha test value = 0
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  • Bloom Intensity -> fBloomIntensity, has color
  • Glow Intensity(Highlight intensity) -> fHighlightIntensity, white color
  • Glow Threshold(Highlight threshold) -> fHighlightThreshold
  • Scene Intensity -> fOriginalIntensity
  • Smoothness(Bloom quality) -> fBloomFilterWide
  • Downsample(Bloom downsample) -> fpixelSize, 1-3
  • texture2D of postprocess is 8 bit only(0-1.0)
  • blur occurs over +- 7 pixels in x and in y, scaled by fPixelSize.xy and fBloomFilterWide

March 19, 2020

  • changed cutoff for glow value from 90% to 70% so larger variation of color will glow
  • use postprocess of the active window
  • option to use the selected node
  • button to select the active window's post process node
February 16, 2020
May 29, 2016